2015 Global Talent Design Fesitival

Embrace X iSee Taiwan

The theme of the “2015 Global Talent Design Festival” co-organized by the iSee Taiwan Foundation and Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation was “Embrace x iSee Taiwan”. Teachers and students from around the world who were also prize winners of the 2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC) and representatives of ten International Design Organizations were invited to share their experiences with Taiwan’s design sector. 


The 2015 TISDC with the two foundations support, attracted an unprecedented 7,985 entries in four award categories from 790 design schools located in 46 different countries and regions.


From September to November, activities such as the VIP Cultural Experience Tour, International Design Forum and Workshop, and iSee Taiwan Design Gala allowed participants to interact with Taiwanese students, helping inject new innovative energy into Taiwan’s design sector. These activities aimed to present the beauty of Taiwan’s culture and establish a position on the world stage for its design sector and new service talents, helping the world to understand Taiwan in more depth. For the “2015 Global Talent Design Festival”, we adopted culture as a foundation, with tourism serving as the vehicle to promote cultural experience tours. Inviting design talents from all over the world to Taiwan to share their experiences, while embracing the world so that Taiwan’s design strengths can be seen. As one of the organizers of the 2015 Global Talent Design Festival, the Foundation hopes to combine the service concept with the design sector, foster new service talent, and realize the value of service applications. Through the concepts of “Embrace X iSee Taiwan”, we hope to build a better Taiwan and elevate global visibility.”

Embrace x iSeeTaiwan