2016 Global Talent Design Festival

Design x iSee Taiwan

The two foundations worked together in 2015 for the first time to establish the 2015 Global Talent Design Festival, in order to promote the TISDC on a global scale. The 2015 GTDF held a series of lectures and an award ceremony, inviting representatives from 10 major design organizations as well as international award-winning educators and students from around the world. The event, which featured a series of activities including a forum, workshop, and gala, allowed these design elites to see the beauty of Taiwan. Both foundations continued to work together and co-organize the 2016 Global Talent Design Festival.


The 2016 GTDF showcased numerous activities including an “International Masters Joint University Forum,” inviting representatives from design organizations around the world to exchange views and opinions with the local faculty and student bodies. This event not only allowed the world to see the quality and zest of Taiwan’s new service personnel, but also, through the “International VIP Cultural Tour”, left a lasting impression of Taiwan on the world’s design elites. Moreover, through the “Industry Joint Reception” activities, the organizers hope to bring more international perspectives into the local design industry.


The 2016 TISDC attracted an unprecedented 14,858 entries in four award categories, with entrants from 882 design schools located in 69 different countries and regions. “Borderlines”, created by the young Czech artist Hanka Nováková, won the TISDC Gold Prize and a cash award of NT$400,000. The Brand Specific Award received 621 entries from Taiwan, China, Singapore, India, Russia, and Israel. These entries creatively captured various aspects of Taiwan’s culinary heritage.  The finalists and 5 joint Gold Prize winners were lauded for their macroscopic, “global-meets-local” approach to design.

16 Design organization join the 2016 GTDF
Industrial Exchange with Pegatron Corp.
TISDC “Brand Specific” awards category: New Tableware Era – Taiwan Cuisine Cutlery Design
International Masters Joint University Forum