2017 Global Talent Design Festival

Innovative Leadership x iSee Future

The 2017 Global Talent Design Festival launched a number of activities in line with this year’s theme “Innovative Leadership x iSee Future” and continued to sponsor of the 2017 TISDC and has made this year’s event even bigger and better than ever. 2017 TISDC received 18,932 entries from 910 design institutions in 71 countries and regions worldwide. All entries competed for the NT$4.8 million in total cash prizes on offer.

This year’s GTDF series events: the Global Talent Design Workshop was tailored to help young talent from Taiwan and elsewhere to acquire the skills and insights necessary to assume future leadership roles in the global design community. It was joined by participants from a wide diversity of backgrounds. With more than half (56%) of the participants from outside of Taiwan, this activity offered an abundance of opportunity for in-depth exchange among domestic and overseas students of design.

The Global Design Leadership Forum was led by two heavy weight speakers from the world-class design leaders, GK Design Group CEO Kazuo Tanaka from Japan and spoke on “Unlocking a Successful Tomorrow” ; Australia’s Good Design Australia CEO Brandon Gien spoke on “Reimagining Leadership by Design”. They shared with the forum’s more than 700 design-industry participants their unique perspectives on design leadership and insights into future design trends, while epitomizing perfectly the GTDF theme of Innovative Leadership x iSee Future theme.

The D21 Global Design Summit brought representatives from 21 overseas design organizations together with top young domestic design talent. Presentations and discussions on issues covering design leadership, future societal challenges and cross-disciplinary trends and developments. In addition, during the summit, the iSee Taiwan Foundation voiced its strong advocacy for the development of a globally impactful design alliance. The framework provided by such an alliance would create a myriad of new opportunities for international dialogue, interweave global design talent and resources, and give sustained momentum to efforts targeting the innovation and refinement of exquisite services.

Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia
Tanaka Kazuo, CEO of GK Design Group
2017 Global Design Leadership Forum
GTDF Project Director-Apex Lin, CEO of Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation-Jeter Her, CEO of iSee Taiwan Foundation-Don Chen, CEO of GK Design Group-Tanaka Kazuo, and Good Design Australia-Brandon Gien