Taiwan Design Alliance

Taiwan Design Alliance (TdA) dates back to December 29, 2006. During a planning meeting titled “Seeking to Host the 2011 International Design Alliance Congress in Taiwan” and convened by Mr. Chen, Zhao-yi, then Director General of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a proposal was put forward. At the time, Mr. Yao Zheng-zhong, then President of the Society of Interior Designers, suggested that design associations in Taiwan follow the model of International Design Alliance (IDA) and establish TdA. In the form of meetings, the Alliance would be able to concentrate the strengths of all the design associations in Taiwan and enhance the participation of the Taiwan design sector in international exchanges and collaborations. The Alliance serves as an exchange platform between different professional design disciplines in Taiwan, such as industrial design, interior design, graphic design and design promotion, with the aim to facilitate the internationalization of the Taiwan design sector. The Alliance was founded on August 29, 2008, as a non-profit juridical entity, and its objective is to integrate design resources in Taiwan and create a platform for design exchange and promotion. The professional backgrounds of the current 32 members cover both the design sector and the academia, and they also cover the four disciplines of interior design, industrial design, graphic design and design promotion as well as the collective wisdom of eight major design associations in Taiwan. The Alliance aims to further establish a communication platform where national design policies and concepts can be developed so as to connect Taiwan to the international design dynamics.